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You have touched on a subject that I can give you all the answers to,I am currently shutting down a truck repair store in Ca because I can no longer afford to operate it in Ca.
Ca.has made a bed that business cannot sleep in.For the last 10 years it has been a trend for businesses to move out of other countries and states,so in turn they are not getting a tax base or job base to support the economy no matter how high the taxes are.
Why are they moving out?Taxes,vehicle licence fees,insane environmental laws that take all your profit to comply to.
Ca.'s idea of job creation is to create government jobs whether they are needed or not,in our county alone 20 percent of the population is employed by the county government.At the state level 12%.
Waste is another reason,There is a state highway maintenance yard across the street and I went to school with these guys,they are disgusted with the waste,for example:Twice a month they sent a large environmental truck 10,000 gln tanker(subcontracted)to pick up their waste oil.It comes 120 miles one way the cost is estimated at about 2000 dollars,how much oil does it pick up? 20-30 gallons!
Their own environmental requirements are killing everyone including themselves.
I have yet to go into the issues of welfare and Illegal immigration sucking whats left away.
It will soon be a state with no tax payers and 50% will work for the government and the other 50% will be on aid.
We can thank Pelosi,Feinstein,and Boxer for most of this.

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