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No surprise

Well to leave my following comment will not make much of a difference since Id say most or all of us who visit this page already understand and are clever enough not to fall for this. I will how ever make my comment because I find this video interesting in its way of how people are signing blindfolded to anything and doing so due to some keywords he is using that is in its tone all negative but without substance. words like "hatespeech", "disrespectfull", "abusing" and only followed with the expression "things".. Sounds familiar?? "Terrorist", "anti", "threat" etc.. its very easy to direct people into something by touching their emotions of fear with a few key words.. People need to pull the break and ask questions back... like WHY?? Anyway, this is a phenomenon dating back to the beginning of society and religions.. We only fear because we dont know.. And for those who know have the ability to create fear in others or set them free providing them the truth..