Comment: No thank you.

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No thank you.

First they grab the two parties and we abandon the DEM and GOP Parties. Then they grab the government. Then they grab the tea parties and we abandon the tea party. Then they threaten to grab the Campaign for Liberty so we will leave that to them also?

What will you do when they grab your ass?

WE have the message, freedom is popular and government intervention is destructive. When do we take a stand. When do we make our message heard? We can't win but we can take a stand every day.

Or to quote the Notre Dame coach, "No one comes into our house and pushes us around."

Leave if you must, I understand. But I need you help as do your friends. When do we speack truth to power, whether that power is physical, emotional or psychological.

Now is the time! All we need to be is united in liberty and all that implies.

Free includes debt-free!