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Just back

It was a long drive from Dayton, OH. But well worth it. Felt a little out of place seeing as how I won't be able to cast a vote for Rand but I've sent money to the campaigns of Rand and Ron, something I never do for politicians. It's strange that I live in Ohio but consider my congressman to be Dr. Paul. Hopefully I'll soon have a Senator representing me as well.

My wife took along her 2010 Paul Family Cookbook. During his speech, Ron brought up the cookbook as Carol's idea back in 1996; saying that Carol knows politics a lot more then she lets on. After the event Ron and Carol were gracious enough to autograph the cookbook. Ron said "see you knew what I was talking about".

I thanked Dr. Paul for all he has done and moved along. I didn't have a chance to tell him I made it a point over the past three years to know what he's talking about. Judging from current events, like his recent media exposure, crowd turnout and the like; he should know there's a growing segment out here catching on.

My prayer is that Dr. Paul will soon be able to call his son Senator. Now that would be a blessing.

Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio