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You can help

You don't even have to live in Texas, and you don't even have to donate money, even though money is desperately needed.

Instead of just sitting there, wishing she was running in your state, you could realize that a victory here, could be a major blow to the PTB, and clear the path for liberty candidates everywhere.

What can I do, you ask?

You can call Judge Nap either on his "Brian and the Judge" radio show. Ask to get Medina on the radio show, or "Freedom Watch".

You can ask Judge Nap to encourage Glenn Beck to have her on his show, as her rise in the polls due to Constitutional principles is news worthy.

If she could get on Glenn Beck, it would be worth millions in advertising, that we could never afford.

You can infiltrate 9/12 discussion forums, talk radio, online polls, chat rooms, and a host of other things from the comfort of your own home.

You won't have to sign wave, canvass, or do any of the boots on the ground work we will have to do here in Texas.

Your action, combined with our actions here in Texas could be what is needed to get her the numbers, and support to get her into a runoff.

These suggestions would only take a small amount of research, and a few minutes of effort, out of your time.