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We have to devise a plan to continue the buzz, so that Medina's name does not get lost in the sea of millions of dollars of advertising for the two "economic tricksters"

I have made some suggestions in my post below (I think) and am curious about what you think.

We must branch out from the DP, and hopefully get those on the DP to branch out, and take action.

Medina's performance in the debates, and rise in the polls in very news worthy, and I think worth the effort of a campaign to get her on GB, FW, and "Brian and the Judge".

I work from my computer, as I run an e-commerce business. I do not always have the time to spearhead something like this on the DP.
Besides, in my spare time, I will be on the street, for DM.
Maybe we could get those that are on the DP, to help with these ideas I've posted below.

If you are on board, then I will do my best to create an action oriented thread where people can work toward this goal, as the end result could have a profound effect for liberty candidates around the nation.
Let me know what you think.