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Since you've only been here for 3 hours...

Perhaps you missed the big uproar around the time of some of Rand's controversial statements. Those who were upset for the most part went along with the call to settle down and give him a chance to clarify or retract or whatever.

Some of us are still waiting for that.

There has been a lot of speculation as to what he meant by his statement that he supports a declaration of war in Afghanistan.

Some think that he meant if war is going to be going on that it needs to be declared properly. Some think he would push for declaration so that support for the war would actually diminish. Many think he was just saying that as some secret ~strategy~ of playing the game to get elected.

The general consensus did not seem to be that he actually supported war in Afghanistan.

However, the person who can clarify what he meant has not done so that I know of. Perhaps it was a mistake to let the uproar die down because here we are still with no clarification, and if he did mean that he actually supports war in Afghanistan, then perhaps there is a double standard if he gets a free pass on that.

Still, C4L was not showering him with $350,000 praise ads, either, which is what this is about.

It is not blowing it out of proportion for people to be upset that they did an ad promoting someone who does not align with one of the stated missions and principles of nonintervention.

They aren't even supposed to be supporting candidates according to the statement at the bottom of the page on their website:

"Campaign for Liberty is a 501(c)4 lobbying organization which neither supports nor opposes candidates for public office..."

Hence the need apparently for them to try to pass this off as ~promoting surveys~.