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Just a Request

I'm beginning to lean in the pro-life direction personally, but I'm not even close politically, and this is why. The discussion must continue and it can only do so completely and truthfully where the fear of coercion is not present. The issue of government and majority coercion is VITAL in this debate, as we move toward a socialist, unchecked government that disregards the individual. I support the appeal of Roe V Wade for this reason, and am TOTALLY PSYCHED that Ron is up for the climb. RoeVWade did nothing to protect individual women from the will of the majority - it's just another form of judicial activism and majority rule. That's all fine and well when you're the majority. The focus of all my ideas on this issue is the protection of individual liberty.

Like I said, before we convince the choice league that this is in their ultimate best interests, it is important to show the Pubs the strength of his pro-life stance, which I am very impressed with. Liberty for all is the most important thing. As abortion goes, the liberty of the baby and the liberty of the mother have not been resolved, and the will of either a government or a majority is not the way to do that. It is through the community, open discussion and social evolution that we will become our best selves. I hope that Ron's position can show that it is possible for government to stay out of it and let the states, and thereby the people, decide.

Under state decision, I'm pretty sure we'll be a primarily pro-life nation within 10-20 years, by INDIVIDUAL CHOICE and in the meantime we can stop forcing it down people's throats by demanding abortion as a right (it is not!) and also stop terrifying women with the idea that a national government is going to start regulating their person - either by bans on abortions or nationalized healthcare - that's a step backward too. We don't know. We can only discuss and evolve.

I'm in love with Ron because I think he can help ALL of us move FORWARD, without anybody getting dragged by the hair.

Right now I'm just freaked out watching the liberal media try and bait Pubs with Mitt "Flipper" Romney and Rudy... oh, Rudy. He wants to give abortions away for free to the poor - are you kidding me? I'm going to try and get as many pubs, especially, watching this debate as I can. It's time to show who is the true pro-life, pro-states rights, pro-small government, pro-individual liberty candidate.