Comment: Dangerous conspiracy

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Dangerous conspiracy

Dangerous conspiracy theorists may also be identified as online scammers or online theft to be specific. Beware of it, 'coz they may rather scam you by tracking down some of your financial accounts. Unfortunately, how we live is far removed from how we ought – and since you can't count on people to be good, you have to take steps to guard against online identity theft. For one, do not store vital information on your computer – things like bank account numbers, your Social Security Number, and financial information such credit cards and other account information. Strictly limit online commerce, and check sites you do business with thoroughly. (Even eBay and Amazon aren't completely immune.) Good firewalls and anti-virus/spyware software is also a must. You don't want to need payday loans to pay for purchases you didn't make, or for lawyers to help get you out of fraudulent charges.