Comment: Becoming? Too late! Its

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Becoming? Too late! Its

Becoming? Too late! Its already happened.

We need permission from our government to drive our cars down the block! Imagine if someone had tried to tell George Washington or John Adams that they could not freely travel by horse or carriage without first having a card granting them permission from the government. What would they have thought of that?

When you can be stopped by law enforcement anytime for any reason and asked to produce prrof of who you are for no reason at all, the police state has already arrived. None of this makes us safer. And most just go along and think if you resist you are either a trouble maker or a criminal. But its only conditioning for what lies ahead.

Imagine if when Paul Revere was taking his midnight ride he had to produce positive identification to the first person of authority who requested it. Imagine that he could be stopped for an indefininate amount of time by law enforcement and questioned about what he was up to at such an hour. Imagine he could not embark on that midnight ride because he had been sucject to the same ridiculous things we have all come to accept.

Indeed the police state has arrived!

RON PAUL 2012 -- Our last best hope!

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!