Comment: The reason we have government

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The reason we have government

The reason we have government is to protect our God-given Rights. I wish I could claim to have originated that thought, but it was said before I was born. It is found in the Declaration of Independence.

So if government exists for the purpose of protecting our Rights, why is it that the greatest threat to our Rights is coming from our politicians? It's not Middle Eastern terrorists who are eroding the Bill of Rights, it is Democrats and Republicans.

The point I always try to make, and nobody seems to get is, IT IS NOT OUR GOVERNMENT THAT IS A THREAT TO US, IT IS OUR CRIMINAL POLITICIANS. Our government operates under the Supreme Law of the Land. We elect people to serve us - public servants, who take an oath to support the Supreme Law of the Land. When these public servants break that oath, when they step outside the parameters of the Constitution, THEY become the threat to our Freedoms, not the government.

My old example of a policeman who burglarizes homes while on duty is a criminal, because HE is breaking the law. It is NOT the police department who hired and pays his salary. His actions are in violation of the policies of the police department, as well as state and local laws. And it is the same with elected, appointed and hired public servants.

They like to hide behind "the government", but when their actions are contrary to the oath they took to support and defend the Constitution, THEY are personally accountable. That's what the Nazis found out an Nuremberg.