Comment: The Strategy Forward

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The Strategy Forward

Based on some public comments that Ron Paul recently made on TV, he does not seem even interested in running again. He had made some recent comments about how he just wants to educate people on philosophical/policy issues, and doesn't really want to hold office. Given his age, it remains to be seen if he really has the hunger and drive for another Presidential run. But perhaps all of us here can persuade him to make the effort just one more time. At least he hasn't ruled it out (I'll think ultimately, he'll run).

Having said that, I agree that Ron Paul needs to captialize on his momentum early, and lay the groundwork and offices for Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina right away. We need also to help him with big fundraising efforts early, and revive the Trevor Lyman techniques and methods and get Ron Paul frontloaded with $$$million-of-dollars early. If we do that, and Ron Paul has his offices in place, then the U.S. News Media won't be able to ignore him, and there is a good chance Paul could be even percieved as the "frontrunner" (at least from the peoples standpoint).

But the timing of this has to wait until the results of Ron Paul's own U.S. Congressional Election is assured. He has to lock up his seat in Congress first, and then go forward.

The problem in 2007-8, was that Ron Paul was, at the start, an "unknown" guy back then. By the time Ron Paul raised all those millions of dollars, it was effectively too late, as it was just a month+ away from the Iowa caucus. By that time the Media had a whopping 18 months to brainwash the public, and sell us John McCain, Rudy Guilinani, and Mitt Romney, and even tried to prop-up the dottering Fred Thompson as a "serious candidate".

So yes, Ron Paul must get going very early and get the fundraising and the offices and the boots on the ground in place, so that he is not just overwhelemed by Mitt Romney and his $100 million stash and media backing.

December 2010 is the time to really get started.