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Deep Cover

I agree AJ is deep cover. Its not that hard to do. You just go with the flow of the team you want to double cross and you save your attacks for special critical occasions. Such as striking Medina after her momentum is becoming a threat.

You can find out this deep cover propaganda by noticing the FEAR based language that AJ is famous for. Notice the names of his films are framed to show Constitutionalists stripped of victory or hope eg FALL OF THE REPUBLIC. Why not call it RISE OF THE PATRIOTS or something positive? Thats what a true Constitutionalist would have done. AJ is always trying to vibrate FEAR/LOSER language instead of LOVE/WINNER language.

AJ also part of the same propaganda tactic that Beck and Palin are part of, namely CLOWNS. The intention is to paint Constitutionalists as clowns by associating themselves with them.