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That works

That works using the term Free Market to represent Free Market Capitalism removes any ambiguity.

The important point I was making is for people who do use the term Capitalism or Socialism because they propagate unwittingly a damaging kind of propaganda theme. This theme encourages people to see the existing system as Capitalism of which the opposite is Socialism. So if they think the current system stinks they become Socialist. It causes all these newbies who care abut the corruption to turn to Socialism. This is the trap.

As an antidote its important that Free Market people don't unwittingly propagate the ambiguity by clearly exposing Socialism as Socialist Capitalism. It is not too hard to deprogram a Socialist if you start by showing them that Socialist systems also use capital,banks,accounts,money,etc and so Socialism is NOT the opposite of the existing system. The Free Market is!

Then we don't have to see that sad spectacle of passionate protesters begging our socialist governments for more ...... socialism! LOL