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He should have pointed out... all the big banks publicly trashed the Federal Reserve Act to fool the public into thinking the bill was good for people bad for big biz but in the end it benefited them most as well....He should have also pointed out that the Health Care Bill doesn't need a National ID card with a chip and all your info on it which you'd have to carry to get a bank account ect. This interview was crap because that ditz kept interrupting and Sanchez is a moron. I'm from Miami and noticed him on our local networks down there and everybody makes fun of that tool.

RP answered Rick's question right before he asked it: Why the $400 million in ads and lobbying to prevent the passing of the bill then? ......because 30 million people would be sure shot customers for the industry through the force of gov't and their profits will and already dwarf a $400 million expense to ensure this monopoly. This congresswoman sux.