Comment: Sewer surfing

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Sewer surfing

Medina doesn't want the 911 diversion to affect her chance of victory. She is going with the flow of media PR hysteria. It seems clear to me she would actually support a re-investigation of 911 if it didn't interfere with mainstream media access for this election. Same as Rand Paul accepting Palin's nomination. They are surfing the media sewers hoping to make it to the end of the pipe. Sometimes you win sometimes you get covered in stink.

Fair enough that Alex Jones has to say something given his history behind 911 truth. But he could have waited till after the election. One has to be strategical. Who does he want to win Perry or Hutchinson? Alex is not dumb, so given that he blasted Medina at this time, it looks like this is one example of Alex coming out of deep cover to make a strike against the Constitionalists, which he only reserves for special occasions. Therefore Debra must really be coming home strong. Excellent :-)