Comment: I do not question the value

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I do not question the value

I do not question the value of gold as a storage of wealth. I personally have over 40% of mine in silver and gold bars, the rest is in land. I dropped all my dollars about 9 years ago when the dollar was trading twice as high to foreign currencies as it is now. What I am concerned about is a entity forcing me to use a specific currency as a medium of exchange, whether that currency is paper, carbon, silver, gold, or sea shells.

I also agree that a medium of exchange that has some intrinsic value is much more desirable to individuals. Gold and silver have an intrinsic value and I would definitely use it as a currency if I could, but I do not want any laws forcing me to do so. This is usually when the Monopoly creeps in. It is possible to control a limited market where as a free market is impossible to control.

Allowing Gold and Silver to be used as a medium of exchange again would be a great blow to the International Money Power. They would no longer be able to reap the windfall in profits achievable through paper fiat. They would be weakened but not defeated, they will simply bide their time. Maybe waiting a few generations, using their skills in gold and silver manipulation, diplomacy, coercion, and war to achieve their Monopoly on Money once again. It only took one generation after Andrew Jackson took on the International Money Power for them to regain their throne.

Gold is not the silver bullet that will kill the beast. A chaos of currencies is through open competition.