Comment: Oh, great the Communist Manifesto video.

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Oh, great the Communist Manifesto video.

The fallacy is that it's "Liberty vs. Power" That is until Liberty subverts itself, rejects liberty and uses power to fight power.

That is the natural way of history, the oppressed seeks to free themselves and becomes the new oppressor. Like the old oppressor protecting their own liberties.

Violence begets violence and a new order born in violence will be violent. It knows no other way.

Recall Pasternak's Dr. Zhivago.

Liberty points to an escape from the natural cycle of human tragedy. Man is free to reject the violence that will usher in the new world order.

Campaigns for liberty rejects the rash expedience of violence and demands bravery and a self's own stand. Dare we learn that other way. Can we make it our destiny?

Free includes debt-free!