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No! I don't support Medina or Perry

You, at least, have a pretty decent liberty candidate in Debra Medina. I live in Georgia, and no one so far has enough credibility to be on the radar.

I would think YOU would be disheartened when your "credible" liberty candidate buckles to pressure. My greatest hope is that Debra Medina wins the GOP primary, but uses her present predicament to develop more backbone and a winning strategy
against the MSM. After all, the MSM doesn't criticize incompetent mass murderers / torturers such as George Bush or Dick Cheney. Whatever you believe about 911, the can be no doubt our war in Iraq is illegal and our former president and vice president are both mass murderers and torturers.
Yet Medina "amened" when Marc Davis defended Bush. Doesn't that make you even slightly sick? It does me.