Comment: I appreciate the truth

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I appreciate the truth

But do we have to crawl up people's asses?

I really don't care if Alex Jones can't hold his liquor or if he's uncouth and is probably paranoid. People need to use their head when it comes to people... no one is perfect. Everyone is good... and bad. Has strengths and weaknesses.

There's a difference between what is private and what is public. And the Medina issue is a perfect example... despite the fact that there are jackals all over the media and government, Medina was dead ass wrong and she will have to deal with it. The fact that it was on the radio (in the public) we all have the right to have our say about what she said.(Needless to say, she is still head and shoulders above the other two drones)

Now, it's no ones business what Alex Jones does on his own time as far as I'm concerned.

If I'm having a private conversation with someone... I have the good sense to keep it that way. I may not like what was said... and I may even be totally disgusted but as far as I'm concerned it's still a private conversation or situation. So if I was to go on the radio and talk about that private situation I would be wrong!

If you recall the Austin PD demonstration... and Alex acting like an ass... (in public) needless to say, there's nothing wrong with calling him out on that.

To me, just an average joe, who has made my way from the street to a decent living and back again a couple times. Jack apparently is very naive of what life is all about and how to conduct himself respectfully to himself and others. I'm not hating on Jack Blood, I'm just saying from listening to him, his major problem is he's inexperienced and ignorant of the true nature of how to live like a man. It's a common problem today but to be expected. I'll be more than happy to stand with anyone against the elite even those that aren't perfect. Medina, Blood or Jones.

I think the bottomline is we don't need to worship people. We need to believe in ourselves and each other. Forgive people for their weaknesses and love them for their strengths. A little lesson I learned as a non-commissioned officer in the military, praise in public and correct in private. Think about why that rule works so well!

Goal setting is the key to getting people together... once the goal is achieved, they need to be prepared to move on, and be ready to stand on their own two feet. That's how this country succeeds.