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just heard the interview not too long ago...

Here's a reminder of what this guy says:

From the show... "...a big story here in TX,unfortunately. Uh, whether Debra Medina who's running for governor here, as a freedom and liberty candidate, needs to be a 911 truther as well? um...Has she offended you, out there, 911 truthers? Can you not support freedom candidates if they're not on the exact same page with you, whatever that is, regarding 911 truth?!"

Anyone who has been following this should know this is not where the beef has been with Debra Medina's comments and interviews. The beef was that she condemned 911 truthers, not that she did not believe any of the theories herself. This is a misunderstanding at best. I'm not saying Jack Blood is CIA, but it seems that he may have focused on the wrong angle here. Please stop this crap.