Comment: Yet ANOTHER AJ attack with no solid backing!!!

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Yet ANOTHER AJ attack with no solid backing!!!

I am SO sick of hearing some of you attack ALEX based on hearsay! Stop wasting our time with slander! If you have something SOLID I would be glad to listen (which is why I always check it out when things like this are posted).

Look, I am not so naive that I haven't considered that Alex may not be who he says he is. ANYONE in this movement could be a Benedict Arnold. We should always be vilagent and not become so invested in another person as to ignore the facts.

I have been listening to AJ for about 2 years and while I do not agree with everything he has ever done or said I have never seen him waiver in his principles. He is the same AJ he has always been. He has done more to help me educate myself than any other person (exempting RP) in my life. I have investigated just about everything he says and have never found what he states as fact to be untrue (sometimes he does exaggerate though).

I was very saddened on the day the Medina interview exploded here. Once because of what SHE did. Secondly, the response here at my favorite site. I very much enjoy the intellectual conversation I find here. Sometimes it is the most enjoyable part of my day. With the majority my friends and family sleepwalking though this life, I often turn to the DP to uplift my spirits.

You may not agree with what Alex did that day but he had the right to do so. SHE threw him and all of his listeners under the bus. He felt betrayed. No one here would argue against him being hotheaded. But he did not deviate from his principles.

I find it very disheartening that so many want to direct their anger at AJ for what DEBRA MEDINA did to herself. He did not put a gun to her head and force her to perform that interview. HE did not agree that anyone who questions 9-11 is a despicable cultist. SHE DID. He had every right to call her out on it. In fact it would have been strange to me if he didn't...

Can we just move on? I think most of us would still agree that she is the best candidate and should receive our vote. However, we are supposed to be AWAKE here and not get so invested in a candidate that we blind ourselves to their faults...