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Comment: Believe What You Want, Even So

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Believe What You Want, Even So

Well, she was weak and screwed up, then.. she stabbed the ones supporting a real investigation in the back and kicked 'em elsewhere. Insulted our intelligence.
Alex was deeply insulted, you? I was! Those that weren't, aren't.. don't carry this burden!
Do you guys actually believe something very wicked happened on that date, September 11, 2001? I doubt that you do!?

Believe what ya want, support her or not is up to you, I choose to ignore her and watch in the background. With a mostly.. who cares attitude. That's the way it is. Can't believe her tongue, one day this, one day that.

Had been better if she kept her mouth shut.. every time she opened it, regarding this 9/11 disaster, she blew it. Yes, it's only one subject, like I said, support her or not.

Alex Jones most definitely has a lot of flaws, make no mistake about that. There's an old saying: the bigger they are, the bigger problems that they have.

There is such a thing as.. "trying too hard", are you trying too hard to place Medina in office?