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I'm with you!

It's so difficult to find people capable of clear thought, ideas and the stamina to put up with the riggers of what it takes to institute change. Nearly everyone is either into the follower paradigm... where they have to have a leader who represents them or they are like children who expect life to just hand them what they want... and can't believe that when they get knocked down once or twice it's some sort of injustice. Very few actually understand... this is life. Strength is the indomitable will to never give up and never compromise who you are. That's what we should be in awe of in people!

I'm not quite sure Medina threw us under a bus... but she certainly damaged her credibility... and no matter where her heart is and how nice she is, and what she has put up with... she ended up making herself look completely wishy washy after coming out of the Glenn Beck interview standing tall in my opinion. If she would have just stuck to her guns and even fired back... she could have wrapped this thing up. I mean it's not too hard to make Glenn Beck look like a fool... he does it too himself all the time.

What most people don't understand matter what we are continuing the fight. Whether Medina wins or loses... this struggle is far from over. And honestly... look at the politicians... listen to what their saying... they see it coming... The liberty movement is much bigger than the media wants us to believe... and the number of people seeing that and waking up continues to grow...

I'm in Florida as well and I've sent money to support Medina. In fact it was after the Glenn Beck interview that I did. They (the bad guys) might sneak this one past but there's always another battle... and just like that scene from Fight Club...when the police Chief gets a wake up call in the bathroom... we are the people that make things happen, we cook the food, drive the trucks, protect the VIPs... we're everywhere! Don't think they don't notice.

I'm optimistic. This movement and many of the youngsters making waves are like a fawn taking it's first steps... it's a little difficult to watch... but they do learn quickly! Just look at what has happen in two years... despite the main stream's reluctance, we are still changing the vocabulary, starting to control the agenda... and the number of people speaking out publicly increases almost by the hour. It might be a rough ride... but it's going to be soo worth it!