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"I know Catherine
Submitted by BaneMaler on Thu, 01/28/2010 - 14:11.

She is a strong woman who is no nonsense. It wouldn't surprise me that she hit a nerve with AJ in the past or recently. Her and her new friends have said some pretty nasty things on the air about people like Ron Paul. The word traitor has been thrown around.

I think most people can look at the track record of Paul and AJ for that matter and realize that they are in this fight. Some want to storm the hill while others want to find a way around. Let people be people and realize that we all aren't going to get along on tactics. Central planning doesn't work anywhere and this is proof. You can't expect things to run smoothly and if they don't you have to be flexible and focus on the goal. How does attacking personalities advocating the same issues brings us closer to liberty?

Attack the issues, not the personality bearing them."

There are good reasons he doesn't like her.