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Comment: Thanks Mike, I am optimistic as well!

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Thanks Mike, I am optimistic as well!

I too am feeling optimistic! I have only been awake a little over 2 years. When I first woke up I did not see much hope in defeating this EVIL agenda, I mean its so diabolical! You don't even want to believe it is real because good people can't imagine such evilness...
But in the last 6 months or so people who would not even listen to me about the simplest things like vaccination and our poisonous food are now coming to me for advice! When you speak the truth at first they ridicule you because they don't WANT to believe they have been decieved.. But eventually the truth comes to light and they remember that you KNEW long before it was exposed. You do this enough times and they start to listen!
People ARE waking up very quickly and it is expediential. Have you read Ayn Rand's Capitalism? There is a chapter in there that discusses what constitutes a REAL revolution. She says when you see the youth (collages) talking about a philosophy based on individual freedom and principles, THEN you will know that we have a chance. But not before. And THAT IS exactly what we see happening today! I believe we are starting to control the agenda as well. It most defiantly WILL be a rough ride, they will not give up easily!
Thanks for the 'conversation' I enjoyed it. ;-)