Comment: This is ridiculous

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This is ridiculous

I hardly ever comment here but this stuff is just crazy. I cannot defend everything Alex Jones does nor do I agree with Alex Jones on everything but he is not cointelpro or CIA or a zionist/vatican puppet. How hard is this to figure out really? He supported Debra Medina from early on and has had her on his show several times and I suspect gave her the platform that got her the popularity she has had. Now everybody knows good and well that she KNOWS Alex Jones is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, 9/11 truther. So when he backs her, supports her, and has her on his show several times for her to get her message out and then she turns around and agrees that he is a despicable, disgusting human being for his beliefs, well of course he gets pissed off. She could have said that she in no way believed 9/11 was an inside job but people have the right to their own opinions but she didn't do that, she agreed they are despicable and disgusting humans. I mean c'mon, he listened to her comments and reacted right on air, it was no set up. Get real people, everything is not a set up, that's something Alex Jones needs to learn as well.