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Comment: I'm glad to see the comments on this thread

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I'm glad to see the comments on this thread

Between some DPers lionizing the Austin Kamikaze, and the shortsightedness of some on here, who dogged Medina over a single issue; I was really disappointed in people whom I usually think a lot of.

I've been a Jones fan for twelve years (people used to pass out "Police State 2000" on VHS, lol), and a regular lurker at for what must have been three or four years now. And I've been listening to Jack Blood's show since he first left RBN and went to GCN (however long ago that was) so you can trust me when I say that Jack is the real deal.

Competition is a good thing and IMHO, Jones needs to be taken down a notch or two (and I say that with much love for AJ), and Jack has the experience, radio personality, and knowledge base to be a successful rival to Jones.

My point is that I wish everyone on the mighty DP would give Jack Blood's show a one week trial, you'll not be disappointed.

Jack Blood's Deadline Live can be head weekday evenings from 4 to 6 PM EST on

The "rumor, rants, gossip..." section on the Jack Blood Forum is very informative and entertaining.

Also, you can tell by his broadcast material and news stories that he's a regular DP reader.