Comment: I'm looking for the smoking gun

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I'm looking for the smoking gun

In order to expose something - there needs to be evidence backing the claim.
"AJ is a lightweight" or "AJ gets beer muscles" - I don't consider those evidence of anything related to COINTELPRO.

I read the transcript of the Medina interview. She said that the "THOUGHT" of 9-11 being a False Flag event was despicible.
It is despicible - it doesn't make it any less plausible - but it's despicible to think of.

Blood needs to provide some real evidence of his involvement to the CIA - or else his credibility will be just as tarnished as the one he's targeting.

I see this cat-fight something like the fights that occured during RP's Campaign.
Everyone wants a piece - and will seemingly climb the backs of whoever else is in the room to get ahead.

I wish Medina the best - I don't think she waffled, but I can't say that I know her heart.

AJ is doing what he always does... he's being himself.

I don't dislike either of them - nor am I taking sides.

Beck, on the other hand, is a male prostitute. He has taken it in the ass for his big payday... and just like the other neo-cons on Fox, he'll continue to pretend to be a Constitutionalist until he gets to interview one.