Comment: It serves no one

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It serves no one

to engage in rash dualistic thinking. I am open to the possibility that Jones is a Mossad agent, Jesuit Co-Adjutor, etc., but only as a possibility until proven.

It was pretty shocking how forcefully Jones attacked Medina and did a 180. He flip flopped too. That certainly makes it look like he was out to torpedo her candidacy at the last moment á la Glenn Benedict Arnold Beck. However, couldn't it just also be that he is a loud-mouthed, quasi megalomaniac who overreacted and dropped the ball, rather than a Mossad agent intent on leading the Patriot faithful astray?

I haven't fully made up my mind about Jones, but keep in mind I, along with many others, only know about Medina and even RP himself because of AJ.

It appears the Establishment's divide and conquer strategy enacted through Beck was not completely unsuccessful. We were together for a moment and now we are fighting each other again. I listened to Blood's broadcast. It's interesting, but ultimately we should all just cooperate if we want to win.