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a/k/a "Libertarian"

Really, all these labels are confusing when we don't make the distinction between values and politics.

If you want your values enforced politically, you are authoritarian politically, and if you want to use no political force, you are libertarian politically.

If you want to use force on personal values only, you are conservative politically, and if you want to use force on financial values, only, you are liberal politically. Although, technically "conservative" means to "conserve" and many conservatives are the original environmentalists, for example. And what do you conserve? The Constitution (which is libertarian) or the church, which goes back hundreds of years earlier and is often very authoritarian? And liberality is often good, depending on what you're being liberal with. These labels just don't work very well.

You can be authoritarian personally, conservative personally, and liberal personally, in your life as a parent, or manager, or in your religion, or other ways, and as long as you don't advocate using force on others through politics, you are libertarian in your politics. Freedom brings us together.

What do you think?