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It goes well beyond that. For

It goes well beyond that.

For one; no one even baseline sentient, expecting to be taken seriously, would use the SPLC as a source, much less a credible one. That he does so, immediately disqualifies both him and his audience from inclusion amongst non idiots.

But not only that, he actually stands on national TV, on his own show, and claims the Constitution Party is a hate group! And not as a joke.

As well as the Oath Keepers, and who knows who.

And then he gets all worked up over people at Tea Parties with signs saying they want to kill Jews and black people. Without anyone, anywhere, ever, having shown him footage of such even one such sign. Don't you think that if he had such footage, his poor hapless editor would have showed it before allowing that dunce to make such an absolute, indisputable fool of himself?

There is only one possible conclusion, and that is that Dylan Ratigan is a complete and utter idiot. Really, as in the medical sense of the word; someone not sufficiently intellectually endowed to qualify for status as a mere imbecile.

Any parrot can say recite a few bad, and hence correct, sounding soundbites about the Wall Street Welfare Queens and their enablers by now. That he has done that a few times, only demonstrates he is the intellectual equivalent of a parrot. And that is obviously as far as it goes for that worthless, second rate clown of a back marker.