Comment: I recognise most of these counties are rural

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I recognise most of these counties are rural

I recoginise most of these Counties are rural areas.
Although it is very spread out across Texas in all regions, some of these are just plain desert with almost no population. And to be honest I wouldn't be able to pin point all of these counties out on a map.

However, As I'm looking at the list, a few of these counties that I know maybe have 1 city of 30,000 or so, but almost all are mostly made up of small towns under 7,000. A lot of these are outskirt counties of larger cities.

What I noticed when I looked at the map, was Debra didn't seem to do well where it really counted, in the counties with major population centers. Such as counties considered to be in Houston, San Antonio, etc, But in the counties surrounding the population centers or counties not considered to be mainly made up of Downtown she did well.

The counties listed here that I know of, for the most part, are really beautiful meadows, giant lives oaks, rolling hills type areas. The demographics are mostly your average white and hispanic middle class blue and white collar types who enjoy the country life.

It's nice to see she did well in some of Texas' most beautiful areas where the most beautiful people live.