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Comment: Who left the note, your mom?

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Who left the note, your mom?

"Is this even legal?" No.

"Are your counties becoming nit-picky about your property?" County, No. State, Yes.

"I think they are looking for fine money." They don't want your money; gold and silver dollars (see: Title 31, section 5112), they want your credit; fiat debt instruments/Federal Reserve Notes.

"What should I do?" Nothing, no offer has been made.

"Have you dealt with this before?" Yes, after the offer was made for me to rake my leaves and repair a loose railing on my back porch I responded with a conditional acceptance for value. The state inspector left me alone and went to bug my neighbors who submitted to his whims like cowards/U.S. citizens/sheep/collateral on the international debt/goyim/slaves/institutional units/human resources.