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May I Ask Your Permission ...

to post here and there [ because I have no idea where you will slash next, and I have something I'd like to express, and not time enough to waste either.]

Speaking The Truth Better ...

... in an unflinching search ... and honest exchange of ideas is an ideal I'm confident Michael embraces. It should remain an aspiration for each of us. Of course Michael has the absolute right to publish only what he wants. But, the concept of 'Freedom Of Expression' did not begin as a value only upon adoption of The Constitution. The chilling effect resulting from it's abrogation is not a consequence reserved only to the realm of constitutional doctrine.

I didn't invest much into the evanescent thread razing (sic) the burning question. ( I've been around -- though less now -- since the daze of the flag wars). I'll simply reprise the comment I made in endorsing a discussion that, from my perspective was not [ or at least, should not be] beyond the pale: .... REASON- ..... ABLE.

The legitimate participants in this forum have a responsibility to endeavor to share their views in a manner which respects the decorum of our host's setting. Saying things better involves respect for the audience, and a measure of diplomacy, as well. But I would expect all those tending the door reciprocate the courtesy, and use manners in admonishments, remembering guests have been invited to debate in a libertarian forum. This is not a religious service nor parlor game.

Courtesy and humility are virtues few people exemplify better than Ron Paul. Political diplomacy is also his style and lot as a congressman and frequent candidate; but we respect him most when he pushes the envelope and eschews expediency for the sake of exposing truth. Yet the comfort zone for a politician and media commentator need not be the same outer limits for discussion among his admirers. Some of us don't fancy ourselves as followers. I'll venture that Dr. Paul would be pleased to be in the company of such discerning, independent people and would welcome their role in the r'Evolution.