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Perspective ...

... From what I have witnessed over the years on this site, you, sir, have it. Others, whose attention appears in deficit( focused on distractions), would do well to 'get it'. BigT, this post of yours, in summation of discernment on another thread, inspired some of my recent musings:

Thank you for your insights.

I was really sorry to have missed your post here when it appeared to be put to the 'Torch of Liberty' by flamers of moderation. Always glad when we can admit mistakes, and recognize misunderstandings.

Hey, as long as we are on the probably 'verboten topic' of ironically minded manners :

Do you you think we sometimes suffer from 'Narapoia' in perspective? : You know, where you think you are after them, but in reality, as the authorities would define it for the rest of us, our imaginings just aren't supported. Orthodox thinkers [ no semetic, nor other, offense intended] think those beyond the fringe of the pale are nuts, posing a threat to self and others. They would argue ( if arguments mattered ) that unbridaled ( hence lunatic) thoughts demonstrate the need for committment, or at least confinement.

I look forward to the restoration of perspective when emotional disturbances no longer distract us from understanding the psychopathology keeping us from adherence to the fundamental principles of liberty.