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Well Chuck, first it was the

Well Chuck, first it was the Ancient Greeks who advocated open same-sex relationships in the military to boost morale1 prior to the assimilation in the Roman Republic proper. Perhaps Dr. Baldwin meant that the fall of Rome was due to homosexuals, in which case he would still be wrong as same-sex relations were well tolerated in Rome from prior to the reign of the notoriously flamboyant Caligula around 41 AD right up until the coronation of Theodosius in 380 AD.

what is it that you people do not get? Immorality is a symptom of the a sickness that has taken down all "empires".. wether it is bankers looting the treasury, perverts destroying the family with same sex relationships, grred, the bribing of the congress opr the lust for power. What I can't get my head around is that people here do not understand is this.. Freedom and liberty from a tyrant is different then taking the liberty to do as one pleases in the face of God and his commandments. As you all know, Not one ancient nation, city state, empire etc has survived more then what 800 years? why? because sin destroyed them. They become prosporous and then seek acts of perversion,greed etc.
It is the very same decay that the United States finds within in own boarders. The very act of this stupid artice shows that people have turned from a moral and just civilization to that of destruction.

Calling Chuck Baldwin a collectivist is crazy. Again,
seeking liberty and freedom from tyranny is different then seeking liberty to sin against God. Why is it people do not see this? Has the public school system and the national media done such a good job of brainwashing the public that they can not see the truth?
Is it hat people are afraid to be called "haters" and "homophobs" so they won't tell it the way it is?
Hell! lets let those People with no morality who like to have sex with children and animals in the military too!

Next weekend is passover. Please read the story of the exodus. Specifically read where Moses went up to the mountain to get the ten commandments from God, What were some of the people doing when he returned? What was the price the Hebrews paid as a whole?

The decisions some make in a society do have an effect on the whole society. I love Liberty and Freedom. Liberty and freedom from having someone in DC tell me that I must pay taxes, that I must take healthcare, etc etc etc. But liberty to do as one chooses away from morality is wrong. Sinning in the name of freedom and liberty is wrong.

I see some on here say oh Dr. Paul thinks that being a homosexual is ok. WRONG.. Dr. Paul is saying that fedral government has no right to tell you what you can do in your bedroom. I agree with this. Being a Christian if you were to ask Dr. Paul in private, do you agree with the homosexual lifestyle and support it,
Dr. Paul would say NO.

“Defiance of God’s Law will eventually bring havoc to a society.” - Dr. Ron Paul