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Well he acts like the

Well he acts like the revolution just started. it has taken 30 years to get where we are today. Many of us writing in the wilderness during that time and never thought we would see the awakening we are seeing today especially in the last two years.

However we are on the verge of full blown tyranny and we don't have another 20-30 years to convince a majority of sheep while in the meantime we live in tyranny. BecaUse that is how long it will take if we follow his advice. So he is wrong to forget the rifle, the pen has never won freedom and we are never going to be able to compete with thier pen the media.

We have to draw the line somewhere and refuse to submit to tyranny for it is here now. PACIFISM IS WHAT GOT US TO THIS POINT. By all means continue to educate but be prepared to resist physically if necassary and stop buying the BS that pacifism has ever won freedom!

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