Comment: Elviejo, beautiful article!

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Elviejo, beautiful article!

I believe this with my whole heart. The pen is mightier than the sword!

In the case of America, revolution doesn't have to be 'bloody' or violent in any way. We already had that scene but back then it was a break in consciousness with the 'divine rights of kings' that that war came to happen.

Once the Declaration of Independence was made it showed for the record 'the people' did their due diligence by petitioning the king on his myriad violations to the colonists and as a result the war was a morally 'righteous' war came as a necessity to establish our claim to individual sovereign freedom over divine rights of kings.

We now have the Articles of Freedom. It has manifested now through great sacrifices made by just a handful of 121 delegates from 48 States who took the initiative on their own dime, who met in St. Charles, Illinois to for 11 days to bring resolutions to the 14 egregious violations to our U.S.Constitution going back almost 100 years.

I encourage each and every one of you here on Daily Paul to please make the effort to visit the archives of the Continental Congress 2009 (keep in mind this was done on a shoestring budget so forgive if the technology is not up to snuff). Then spend some time reading the introduction to the Articles of Freedom so you will be familiar with the intention of this document.

I wish you all blessings and high energy as 'we the people' gradually one by one open to receive the gift that is now before you. Pay attention to the inner vision that comes to you as a result of studying this. Trust your spirit, trust your vision and know that we are all being given the time at the 11th hour of our country to come aboard and do what needs to be done.

So many heart felt donations need to come in to help with the burgeoning expenses of printing costs, gasoline expenses, and overnight costs for our delegates as they go city by city, town by town, county by county to ensure each and every elected official who has sworn an oath will be 'put on notice' by their receipt of this document that orders them to cease and desist anything they are doing that is 'unconstitutional'.

American people, you are each being called to answer this beautiful gift.

Don't forget to sign the pledge once you are aware of what this is about.