Comment: It saddens me to say that this

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It saddens me to say that this

article speaks to the heart of truth.

Even if we could briefly grasp the reigns to stop the nation hurtling toward self-destruction, the load is too heavy for even the best team to stop.

Do we have time to educate and turn the direction? I see this as part of humanity's very slow evolution. Public support for 1776 was a brief mutation that stayed in some of us, but didn't take for most people who immediately set about finding their masters again. That will be the result of any revolution by force.

True revolution happens in hearts and minds, no where else. How do we reach those hearts and minds? That's the question best addressed by this forum, IMO. Anisha, OctoBox -- and Jake and RP whose political works are models of effective education -- and many others at the DP share their ideas and show the way with education and disengagement from the system.