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Comment: If only each and every American knew just how 'powerful' they

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If only each and every American knew just how 'powerful' they

are within themselves, this would be a no brainer and we would have already accomplished the goal of restoring our government to the rule of law.

When the American people come to realize that their individual powers lie first in their willingness to learn of this political/legal gift that was now born to each of us by the sacrifices of these delegates, Articles of Freedom.

Your power lie in the inner vision that you should pay attention to as a result of study. Your power lie in the 'desire' that is stirred as a result of this 'vision' and your power lie in the 'willingness' to commit body, mind and soul, your talents, what little wealth you have to give, and your tenacious perseverance added to the whole that will see through the final outcome of this daunting endeavor.

That is what signing the pledge to Articles of Freedom require from each conscious American!

We are each now being called to true service. None of us are impotent as those who have taken control of our checks and balances have falsely manufactured it to seem, not at all, we are very, very powerful!

All the while knowing full well that none of us can 'control' the outcome of this. Its far bigger than each of us, but by our tenacious 'individual' efforts to take full responsibility for our sovereign Rights, faith in our visions, with the intention to restore our entire bicameral system to the rule of de jure law, we most certainly can now do that.