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Comment: There are hetro and homo sexual rights?

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There are hetro and homo sexual rights?

I thought rights belonged to individuals? Are you saying rights come from being a part of a group? It appears to me you are. so therefore you are promoting COLLECTIVISM.

I this is not collectivism please explain.

Update: 7:23 EST

Allison you are promoting collectivist rights but pretend to be against collectivism. You seem to think your personal behavior makes you special and as such you DEMAND special protections. Then you attack those who disagree with you. Calling them "bigots" and calling DP members BS's for not agreeing with you.

In my opinion you are the one who cares not for personal liberty since you openly attack anyone who disagrees with your DEMANDS for special collective rights based on your own personal choices.

If you want to lobby for GAY RIGHTS aka COLLECTIVISM, go for it. But stop misrepresenting yourself and attacking others.

What is your REAL MISSION here? Liberty and rights for the individual? or special rights, protections, and privileges for your own personal lifestyle choices?

I have noticed how you fall back of FOX NEWS style patriotism. Saying gays just want to server in the military. I am a veteran and served with gay men. So gays can serve in the military now. So please tell us EXACTLY want your DEMANDS are.