Comment: There is only one fallacy- It is the one that the government is

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There is only one fallacy- It is the one that the government is


This young Marine(Intelligence Plant) has no clue of what he is talking about. The difference between what he is envisioning and what he would be facing are miles apart.

Picture 1,000 or quite possibly 100,000 LONE WOLVES!(ie: Lone Wolf- Individual that needs zero direction, for accomplishing what needs to be done for the betterment of the country and liberty) This is what our present government is worried about. They have no clue. There are already over ? individuals willing to do whatever it takes to eliminate the problem.

I don't condone this but I pray every day for the lone wolves out there and YES I would provide shelter or a way out for them. Besides this young Marine(Intelligence Plant) does not know that perhaps an old Marine may be putting the sniper cross hairs on him. Am I scared. NO (LOL) Enough Said! I am praying for a State sponsored militia.

This ain't the desert. What does he know about the mountains or for that matter the swamp. Punji sticks, water moccasins,wolverines,rattlesnakes,or gators, this is a death he has never seen nor witnessed or prepared for. The Vietnamese kicked our governments ass (and many of my brothers lost their lives) with not much more than what we have here. Want to know about torture, How about your gut opened for the ants, beetles,bats, worms to eat, how about your eye(only one) with a needle or stick put in just the spot to give the most agony. How about being fed your own body parts and never dying until you eat your whole being. Does this young Marine want to see what his countrymen are capable of. To date he has no clue. Many would do this and more for the CONSTITUTION! This Marine(NSA,CIA,FBI,BATF,DEA, etc...) seems to be a plant to me. I would not see a brother Marine shot but, I would shoot a criminal following criminals.

If this post is true, then I say prepare! Protect the true patriots (Lone Wolves). They may be your only hope. Semper Fi my young Marine friend(brother), your death will NOT be sweet but maybe appropriate. We'll see you in heaven or hell.

This letter was a threat that should not have been sent(printed). Now we are all fu*&ked and there is no going back. Most importantly, the officials that let this letter be printed sealed their own fate. Isn't life sweet and at the same time such a bitch! May they all get what they deserve. I truly pray RP runs and gets elected if it is not too late.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.