Comment: This is typical of the hatred

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This is typical of the hatred

This is typical of the hatred they use against us. The truth is, the radicals of the Sixties are now running the show, and they certainly don't want us to take back the country. These people, the same people who spit on returning Vietnam veterans now brand returning Iraqi veterans as "potential terrorists".

They accuse us of inciting hatred, but their entire appeal is based on hatred: hatred against "old, white men", hatred against the military, and hatred for our Constitution.

Don't pay any attention to their screed. Their efforts to demoralize us, to brands us as racists and terrorists, and every other nasty name has been used for decades in this nation - by the American Communist Party. That's not to say that these people are or were members of the CPUSA (certainly some of them were), but they are the spiritual descendants of the Commies.