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Comment: The world's really gone dumb

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The world's really gone dumb

The world's really gone dumb lately... Either that, or I've simply spent too much of my life out of touch with the world's stupid side.

I mean, for the longest time, I thought referring to the Southern Poverty Law Center, pretty much assured you were being sarcastic. Setting up a joke. Like citing The Onion. Or Paul Krugman, or something. But nowadays, one commentator after another actually act like these guys are to be taken them seriously! It's unbelievable.

I realize this particular article is from the NYT, which isn't all that different from The Onion in and of itself; but the NYT seems to at least try to pretend they still have the reputation they had back when Hazlitt were writing for them. Citing SPLC for any other purpose than eliciting laughter, just isn't going to do them any favors in that regard.

Even Fox has figured this out, and only bring on an SPLC rep when they need a truly hopeless caricature of a liberal straw man, to beat up on.