Comment: This is a common misperception among liberals

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This is a common misperception among liberals

The tea party and/or Ron Paul supporters are not for the most part "far right conservatives".

Just to be clear, I would call Mike Huckabee or Sarah Palin a "far right conservative". I think but am not 100% sure that most far right conservatives are blood-thirsty neocons.

The liberty movement confounds these progressives to no end so they simply label it as "far right", not realizing that the only "right" think about the Tea Party movement might be "old right", as in the style Taft or Goldwater. But they cannot detect shades of color, just black and white.

So pigeon hole the liberty movement and conflate it with violent extremists, it's easy when you don't know what you are talking about.

The Liberty Movement, if it is going to survive a night of broken glass under Obama, must shake off the "far right conservative" smear (and it is a smear!) that the left uses to marginalize it.