Comment: i dont use the phrase tea party

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i dont use the phrase tea party

i dont use the phrase TEA PARTY much, the context never really works out...

the people who make up the entire collective which is so diverse as to be almost a non-group, have one thing in common, anger. this mixed lot, which i would call an unfocused mess, with inconsistent participation, a number of wannabes, a lot of neocons blatantly filling the ranks, a lot of brain dead palin cheerleaders, a number of ron paul supporters, a number of rand paul supporters (not all of them are so keen on dad), and countless other variations

its a mixed lot, and we arent pulling the same stone together.

the media has one picture in its head when it uses the phrase tea-party

fox news has an entirely different picture in its proverbial head when it uses the phrase tea party

palin supporters have their own self view

and every little slice and dice of the whole non-group has their own perspective on the so called tea party and project it over the entire whole, in a self serving collectivist piece of fantasy.

the leaders of the endless factions, know the game, they let their followers continue to reference the imaginary whole as THEIR tea party, while working loosely behind the scenes with the leaders of like minded factions in what amounts to a war within the republican party.

i recognize that the leaders in the liberty camp that i align myself loosely with, like napolitano, ron paul, rand paul, debra medina, alex jones, rj harris ....they will continue to reference the phrase TEA PARTY because it makes political sense to, some might even refer to the fake tea parties as a separate group....

Its a very strange dance, and perception is everything.

I personally rarely make reference to the tea parties, because im a foot soldier trying to educate IGNORANT RINOS, which the tea party has plenty of those. they out number us, because in reality, the tea party MOST REFERENCED really is the republican party masquerading.

really nothing has changed. our number one strategy is to kick the shit out of one of the parties, and make an impact, hoping that over time, the impact gets larger and larger.

it seems that we have chosen the republican party for the task. im fine with that.

for those of us in predominantly republican territory, this works well. i have unlimited people all around me that i can work on educating.

im not saying this is our sole approach, but it certainly one of the larger vectors we are using.

so nothing has changed, we are still working over the republican party, there is some new superficial structure and language ala the tea party, but the real action and movement is the same.

there is a war going on, the victor gets to define what conservative means, the victor gets to define what tea party means, the victor gets to define what republican means....

we are fewer in number, but we are far more educated and motivated.

the sean hannity, sarah palin, glenn beck couch potatoes ...they will either some day GET IT, or they will step aside ...or they can be proverbial cannon fodder.

sorry for my butchering of the typed english language, i have a nasty cold, im tired, and this is a zero edit post.