Comment: I'm always confused when

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I'm always confused when

I'm always confused when article writers inter-mingle "whites and Hispanics and Immigrants and jews all if jews (religion)cannot be white or hispanics (language) are not caucasion. I don't get his point about the future. What I do sense is a hatred for the founders of America. Does he feel underprivileged as a black man or does he feel extra zeal in the fact that the president is purportedly considered a "black" man; therefore giving this writer the opportunity to thumb his nose at "white" people and exclude them from having any future in a country they mistakenly call home??? How dare "tea-baggers feel they have a stake in the political future of their country. How dare voters criticize a "non-white" president. This is nothing more than a hit piece on the tea-bag movement, taking it to a gut base level of street fighting with a pen. I wonder where this man calls "home".