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So we hate it when the Good Dr. is excluded but we want to prevent Rand from debating. I understand that Rand is leading and Grayson needs the exposer more... but this movement has had its biggest success when a national audience hears the Liberty message.

We should be fighting to get this exposure. The Liberty message is more powerful then Faux's ability to hide the truth. Every attempt by the MSM to belittle this movement has blown up in their face. We should not run from this challenge.

Let Rand take the stage and end all of Grayson's chances. Grayson speaks from a script and anyone who has seen him debate knows this. Rand speaks from his heart, and it shows.

A national debate that shows what happens when candidate with no ideology, faces off against a well thought out statesmen is what i thought we were all about.

Evading a challenge because we know the deck is stacked? Ron went into every debate knowing this. He still won.