Comment: If the Constitution we already have isn't being recognized or

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If the Constitution we already have isn't being recognized or

respected what makes you think any other Constitution will?

There isn't anything wrong with our Constitution because it is based on 'Natural Laws'.

Firstly, I want to make very clear what I am about to speak about here. These are my own ideas and I take full responsibility for them.

If we violate any of the natural laws, there will always be negative consequences because it goes against that which is the 'hidden forces' of our Universe (the essence of moral laws on earth).

As soon as man desires to be equal or greater than God, its game over.

What is 'wrong', are those who have been 'allowed' to usurp the power mechanisms that were set up for checks and balances.

Those who have usurped our country thus far know all about 'natural laws' so much so that they have managed to 'harness' the forces in such a way as to seemingly make us 'the cause' of the stealing (only partially correct because we have not been vigilant, nor responsible).

As long as the people are always 'found wanting'(and this is deliberately being manipulated of course with very bad education), it increases the chances of most people to choose 'moral hazards' which is the necessary ingredient that serves 'controlling' purposes that will trap us in 'servitude' where the debt is never extinguished (hence gold/silver is banned from use because only gold/silver can extinguish a debt).

This is also called, 'Anti-christ'.

Many of you scoff at this term because you are so brainwashed to 'condemn' Christians, yet you are clueless as to what this really is. Orthodox Christians/Muslims/Jews are correct here.

It is anything that goes 'against' nature. This is highly esoteric, and yes these 'dark' ones know all there is to know about the 'hidden forces' of light and of the dark and they have been milking us using these forces for their selfish reasons for a long, long time on earth.

And if Americans must know, the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution with its Bill of Rights, for a time, actually 'chained' and warded off these forces animated within certain 'rogue' characters until little by little through intense study and observation of our human natures, these 'rogue characters' began to figure out how to manipulate all of us and take control of our entire world once they could usurp the printing of money.

It doesn't take too much imagination to see what they have done and how they did it.

I am sorry Octobox, but surely you waste your time here, though I understand your sentiment and frustrations.

The original U.S.Constitution with Bill of Rights and the spirit of the law, the Declaration of Independence one could say is in fact a form of a 'spell' that served the forces of light to both ward away evil and 'bind' the dark forces provided the people were vigilant and virtuous with good and honorable intentions, as soon as they let this slip, oops they're trapped within the forces of darkness and become slaves/pawns for the dark side.

It is understandably difficult for those who were taught to associate anything like what I have described as a form of 'witchcraft'. Yet this is NOT superstitious stuff, it is sound spiritual science.

The proper use of the elements have always been humanities' inheritance from our celestial realm as long as they were put to use 'for the benefit of all' without any selfish intentions whatsoever.

We are all paying for our ignorance of these fundamental precepts.

That is essentially why I urgently support the legal mechanism of the Articles of Freedom brilliantly crafted together by all those who attended the Continental Congress 2009.

These beautiful highly conscious people, whose deep love for their fellow man, each brought intentions for the 'highest good' of America and their product is simply magnificent even despite the imperfections.

It is a profound force of light to ward away and bind these dark forces once and for all.

What I have expressed here are my own ideas, observations, and understandings of fundamental workings of the forces of the Universe and in no way represent any of those people or organization who arrived at the Articles of Freedom.

I am certain I would be considered crazy for mentioning these things, yet I feel they need to be said once and for all.

These 'forces' can be felt by our natural 'intuition'.

When we have a sense of something yet cannot 'rationally' explain it consciously. This is a human attribute that will become much more refined once the darkness has been bound and banished from our world.

Please support the Articles of Freedom.